Reserve Funds

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What Reserve funds Do We Have

We currently have 10 different reserve funds. They are;

  1. Road Reserves
  2. Roof Reserves
  3. Paint Reserves
  4. Vehicles & Equipment Reserves
  5. Working Capital/5 Year Construction
  6. Administration Building
  7. Facilities
  8. Trees/Shrubs/Retaining Walls (Common Areas)
  9. Well/Irrigation
  10. Bad Debt Reserves



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What is an HOA?

A homeowners association is an organization created by a real estate developer for the purpose of developing and managing a community of homes, town homes and/or condominium units. It is given the authority to enforce the covenants, conditions, and restrictions as well as manage the common elements of the development. The NYS Office of the Attorney General requires that the sponsor file an offering plan for the homeowners association, and that the sponsor maintain commitments which it made in the offering plan. The Attorney General’s jurisdiction would be limited to ownership and maintenance of HOA common property.

New York State Attorney General
Eric T. Schneiderman


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Architectural Review Office Hours

The Architectural Review Committee Office is open to residents from 9 AM to 11 AM every Tuesday and Thursday, excluding holidays, for questions and assistance. The office is located in the Administration Building.


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Clubhouse Hours of Operation

The Leisure Glen clubhouse is open 7 days a week 365 days a year. the hours are 8 AM to 10 PM. To reach the Recreation Director call (631) 744-6572


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Administration Office Hours of Operation

The Administration Office (HOA) is open Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM excluding holidays.

The Administration phone number is (631) 744-4988 and the fax number is (631) 744-0450.


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How do I ask a question to this FAQ?

The questions are usually added by the WEB STAFF or by the HOA Administration staff, or by the Board of Directors. If the question is asked enough times, it will be posted on line with the best answer. You can also send an email to theweb@leisureglen.com requesting a question be added.


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What Type of Community is Leisure Glen?

Leisure Glen is an Active Adult 55+ Age restricted Community. Each home is individually owned and is governed by a Homeowners Association. It is also a PRC, Planned Retirement Community, and also called a PUD, which is a Planned Unit Development.


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Does Leisure Glen Have Deed Restrictions?

Yes, We Do.

Many home buyers are so charmed by the appearance of a house for sale that they fail to take the time to read the CC&Rs that come with the property. They are so pleased with a nice kitchen or a fenced-in back yard that they sign a purchase agreement without realizing that existing CC&Rs may prevent them from keeping their boat or truck on the property, or erecting a basketball hoop in the driveway. Often, title companies will not have copies of the CC&Rs affecting the property until the day of closing, and they are often overlooked at that point. However, CC&Rs are binding upon the purchaser, and the purchaser will become subject to them, whether or not they have been reviewed, read, or understood. The general rule of “constructive notice” applies in these cases. No real estate contract should be signed until a purchaser has reviewed all the CC&Rs (and zoning laws) affecting the property.


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What Year Was The Leisure Glen Homeowners Association Incorporated?

The date of the Original Offering Plan was on January 6, 1986 and the Date of the Restated Offering Plan was May 13, 1994 under the provisions of the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law


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